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Your key questions for any destination:

Do I need a car in Antigua?

Strictly speaking, there are very few travel destinations anywhere in the world where it's absolutely essential to rent a car in order to see the main points of interest.

That's why we give you loads of ratings scales from 1 to 10, rather than just yes or no answers!

  • The need question is generally answered by looking at public transport (transit) options. Is it good enough for visitors who are happy to consider using it?
  • How many public transport routes are there, and are they mainly rail or road (bus) based?
  • Is public transport fast, frequent, safe, reliable and cheap?
  • Does public transport actually take you to the places you'll probably want to see?

Is it worth hiring a car in Antigua?

This question is usually more about value for money. For this, we look at Antigua car hire options, and consider how rental costs compare with using transit.

How far are you likely to drive anyway, and how much might you expect to spend on fuel, road tolls, parking and any other charges. We compare Antigua with other destinations locally and around the world.

This is obviously much more of an issue if you are planning a longer road trip than it is on a small island.

Should I rent a car in Antigua? 

This is basically a merging of the two questions. Everything else might be about giving certain facts about the costs of car rental or using public transport in Antigua, but answering this question is very much a matter of opinion.

Please note that is currently being revised and updated in preparation for the Summer 2022 (northern hemisphere) tourist season. 

We do not intent to include detailed covid information, nor do we intend to suggest hiring a car, just because public transport might still have a mask requirement. Our advice will be based on the same criteria we've always used, ie whether or not you can get a better travel experience, or at least a better value one, by choosing not to hire a car.

Quick Ratings

Price band

Antigua is in car rental price band: 8/10 (1 = cheapest car rental location)

General comment - based on price alone, is it worth renting a car in Antigua? 

No. Car rental is very expensive by global standards.


Can you expect big swings in car rental prices in Antigua between the peak and the off peak season?

1/10 (0 = stable prices)

Driving score: 8/10

Non car score:6/10

Balance: 6

(0 = car hire not advised / 10 = rental car essential)

General comment -

Our advice has remained the same since we first looked at the destination.


Why? Visiting Antigua using a hire car

Why do you need a car in Antigua ?

  • Antigua markets itself as having 365 beaches, one for every day of the year. Although some of these are in the neighbouring island of Barbuda, the vast majority are on the island of Antigua, and you will certainly need a car if you want to move around and enjoy as many of these beaches as possible. This reason alone is the main reason why we suggest getting a hire car, even if we seem to have listed more reasons not to get one below! However, Antigua car hire comes with a number of caveats, regardless.
  • Fig-tree Drive – is one of those must see picture-postcard locations – except it isn’t just one single spot, so a car will let you enjoy it at your pace.
  • Hassle-free: Walking around St John’s is usually trouble-free, but it is best to avoid all the touts by the cruise terminal in Heritage Quay. If you have already sorted out a hire car, you won’t be bothered by constant offers of taxis and tours around the island.Antigua has seen some horrendous crime incidents in recent years. But a car can be both protection and vulnerability.
  • Fuel costs: Although Antigua car hire costs are expensive, the small size of the island means you are unlikely to spend much on fuel.

Why not? Visiting Antigua without a car

Why don't you need a car in Antigua ?

  • Expense – Antigua car hire is extremely expensive, owing to local regulations and relative lack of competition. Of the ten initial destinations we looked at, Antigua was the most expensive, at £203 for a week, although very few things in the Caribbean are cheap. This is still more than five times the cost of a week’s car hire in Malaga.
  • Roads: The quality of roads in Antigua is generally quite poor – lots of bumps and potholes.
  • Transport provided: Most resorts will offer excursions to a range of different beaches, and transfers to and from the airport should also be provided.
  • The island is small, and the airport is central both to the capital St Johns and the main resort hotels. Getting a few taxis will still be much cheaper than using a hire car.
  • Rum: Antigua means plenty of rum – and rum punch does not mix with driving.
  • Shirley Heights: Perhaps the most famous weekly event on Antigua is the Sunday party at Shirley Heights, above English Harbour. A car will take you there and back, but then again so will a taxi, or any number of bus options, provided by the hotel, or flagged down locally. All of these other options are much more lively!
  • Car hire options on the island of Barbuda are even more limited, and not available through the main agencies. See Caribbean online for details.
  • Bikes: Instead of taking out an expensive hire car, why not rent a bike — many hotels provide this, and cycling in early morning or late afternoon can be extremely refreshing.
  • Fly instead: You can hire a car anywhere, but trips to Antigua tend to be that little bit special. Why not fly to one of the neighbouring islands instead? An island hopping trip on a light aircraft is one of the most exciting things to do in the Caribbean. Regular excursion flights operate to the neighbouring island of Barbuda, but you can also take helicopter tours around the volcano in Montserrat and experience the true power of nature.
  • No ferry: Unlike St Kitts and Nevis, there are no ferries between Antigua and Barbuda, so a car is only good on the one island.
  • Local buses: Although most tourists use their own transport or go on organised tours, local buses on Antigua are an enjoyable way of seeing the island as locals see it. Buses fan out throughout the island from the capital St John’s, and they usually leave when they are full.
  • Beach access: Antigua may boast having 365 beaches, but it doesn’t have that many roads. A car doesn’t bring quite as much flexibility as it should.

Local licence

Local regulations mean that you will have to fork out US$20 to purchase a temporary local driving licence for your stay on the island. This is an unnecessary extra cost and hassle, which isn’t applicable in most countries. It makes it prohibitive to hire a car to drive around the island for just a day or two. This extra cost is on top of the US$28 (EC$ 70) you will still need to keep ready for departure tax on the way home – and they say low cost airlines rip people off!

Ratings: How does Antigua compare?

Is it worth hiring a car in Antigua? TBC

This is based on a rough consideration of the costs of renting a car in Antigua, and how this compares with the costs of using public transport. The answer to this varies hugely from one destination to the next, based on a wide range of factors. It's based on renting a car at the airport (TBC), and driving for an average of 2-3 hours on open roads on most days.

How does this compare if:

You are travelling:

Solo / As couple / small family / larger family / senior couple etc

Does car rental make sense on different budgets?



Do you need to hire a car in Antigua? TBC

This is based strictly on whether or no we think it's possible to visit Antigua (and the surrounding area) without using a car. Of the three key questions, this one is the most likely to be a "no".

Should you rent a car in Antigua? TBC

This is a balance of all factors. Remember this is an answer to the question for people who are already asking it. That's why the answer might still be a "yes", even when public transport is good. 

See global comparisons

Hiring | Driving | Parking

Trains | Buses | Local travel


Car hire basics:


Public transportation basics:


Regular bus services: YES

Coach (inter-city): YES

Tram: NO

Metro: NO

Commuter Rail:

High Speed Rail:

Rail type (end stub / through / junction / hub):


As you start ....

Does Antigua airport have a direct rail link?

(Yes - within terminal / adjacent / short walk) (Yes - bus transfer / other) No






Has our advice for Antigua car rental changed over time, or has it been pretty constant?

2017 - 6

2019 - 7

2021 - 6

Average score - 6



As with anywhere, a hire car will bring flexibility, and Antigua has so many stunning beaches that it is better to have one than not. The extortionate cost of Antigua car hire would be a reason for us to advise against renting one, but a holiday (or vacation) in Antigua is an expensive outlay, whether you are flying in from Europe or North America (even more so for long suffering Australia and New Zealand cricket fans!). So given all these costs, should I hire a car in Antigua? With the price of hotels and flights to Antigua already high, a rental car is one cost which can be cut, but we think it is still better to have one to explore the island, especially if you are visiting on a special once-in-a-lifetime trip.


Do you or don't you need a car in Antigua ?

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