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Should you hire a car in Zhuhai?

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Do you need a car in Zhuhai? Introduction

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As with other cities in mainland China, we can’t recommend getting a rental car here unless you have a local Chinese driving licence.

However, whereas we would generally dismiss any sort of car hire suggestions in places like Beijing and Shanghai out of hand, it might be worth looking at hiring a car in Zhuhai if you are already in Macau and then wanting to take some sort of road trip in southern China.

Please also see our Shenzen car hire advice. The situation is similar there. It’s all but impossible to hire a car in either Hong Kong or Macau, and even if you could, you wouldn’t be able to take it across into mainland China. This then creates the possibility of Zhuhai being the access point to the Chinese road network, or even the start of some kind of road trip.

Generally, we still think that travelling around anywhere in the Pearl River Delta is still easier to do using the ubiquitous train services. If you do happen to be looking at some sort of itinerary that involves visiting Hong Kong or Macau and then travelling onwards, then you’re probably going to have quicker access to less congested roads if you drive out of Zhuhai. It’s better than trying to fight your way out of Shenzen. This is really going to  depend on where else you’re planning on getting to. Even just driving around the Pearl River Delta might take you all day in traffic!

New bridge crossing Honk Kong – Zhuhai – Macau

Driving out of Zhuhai is going to become a lot more interesting some time in 2018 (dates unconfirmed) when the Hong Kong to Macau to Zhuhai bridge opens, although given that there are still heavy restrictions on car travel between these locations, it’s almost certainly going to be easier to do in a bus!

Should you hire a car in Zhuhai? Verdict – yes, but only if you are wanting to travel onwards from Macau, have the ability to drive in China and cannot easily reach the places you want to see by train or bus.


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