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If your plan is just to visit the city of Warsaw, then it’s easy enough to get around using local public transport. A hire car is probably going to be useful for heading out elsewhere beyond the city.

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  • This might well depend on the size of your group. The Polish railway network is in significant need of investment. It’s still excellent value if you’re travelling on your own or just as a couple, but if you’re travelling as a family and going to fill a car, the chances are that you’ll be better off taking that option.
  • Whilst Poland is a country perhaps best noted for its historic cities, there are also numerous national parks and other scenic areas around Warsaw which are best visited with a car.

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  • Public transport is still high quality. You have the choice of buses, trams, metro and local trains.
  • The Polish train network is comprehensive, if a little old!

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Do you need a car in Warsaw? Since Warsaw is the natural starting point for a longer trip around Poland, especially for visitors arriving from further afield, we think a hire car is something that might be worth looking into.

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