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Do you need a car in Valencia?

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Spain’s third city has gone to great efforts to put itself on the tourist map, especially with the vast City of Arts and Sciences complex. This huge white monument to steel, concrete and glass, which was designed by home-grown architect Santiago Calatrava really is one of the most impressive feats of modern architecture in Europe.

Do you need a car in Valencia? Introduction

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Valencia also has a delightful historic core, and the city is also close to several great beaches. So if there any need to get a hire car for your visit?

Why should you rent a car in Valencia?

In terms of factors like the cost of the hire itself, fuel costs, road tolls and parking charges, is it worth hiring a car in Valencia?

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  • Resorts — Valencia is also a gateway to some of the major resorts on the Costa Blanca. Arranging Valencia hire car is ideal for quick and easy transfers and getting around once there.
  • Flexibility – just as we would say for anywhere else, a hire car will give you the flexibility to explore the area around Valencia at your own pacee.

Why not? Visiting Valencia without a car

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Valencia public transport quick facts

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  • Valencia City — as said above, for those not already familiar with Valencia, the city has a great deal to offer, and it certainly shouldn’t be overlooked on the way to the beach.
  • City of Arts and Sciences – this is the showstopping architectural feat that really has put Valencia on the map. Featuring a science museum, opera house and aquatic centre, there really is enough here to keep anyone occupied, and certainly no car needed!
  • Riverbed Gardens – following extensive flooding in 1954, the Turia River was diverted away from the centre of Valencia, turning the former river bed into a series of linked parks, culminating in the City of Arts and Sciences.
  • Metro — Valencia has a very modern metro system supplemented by a network of suburban trains which make getting around the immediate area extremely easy. A direct metro link from the airport to the city centre has also recently been opened.
  • Multiple city break — it is easy to combine a visit to Valencia with other Spanish cities, especially either the capital Madrid or the Catalan hub of Barcelona.
    Generally, it is easier to find flights to Barcelona than to either Madrid or Valencia. The new high-speed AVE line links Madrid with Valencia in just under three hours. Allow a similar time to get to or from Barcelona along the slower coastal line.


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Do you need a car in Valencia?

Based on comparison with transit, walking and cycling.

Is it worth hiring a car in Valencia?

Based on value for money

Should you rent a car in Valencia?

Weighing up the above, if you are asking about hiring a car, is it a good idea?

Who is travelling?

Is it worth renting a car in Valencia if I am a solo / budget traveller?

What about for 2 people travelling together?

For families?


Where are you staying?

Do you need a car in Valencia if we are staying in a central area?

What if we are staying on the edge of the city/resort?

Or in a rural area?


What is your attitude towards driving?

Should I hire a car in Valencia if I prefer not to drive?

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Conclusion — Valencia car hire is useful if you are heading beyond the city, but we would certainly recommend spending a bit more time in Valencia itself then you might have otherwise planned. For this reason, a hire car really isn’t necessary.

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