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James says - a few trip notes:

I’ve just got back from Sofia, and I really loved this city – so much in fact that I hardly left town, other than to take the amazing mountain railway to Bansko.

The Bulgarian capital has a good network of public transport options, including a newly developed underground system to complement the well-established trams.

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  • A hire car might still be useful, especially for travelling into the mountains at your own pace, but it is certainly far from essential.

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  • Sofia also offers good access to a range of parks and national parks which are all sufficiently close to the city centre that you can get there easily by bus, and return back to your hotel within the same day. In fact, Sofia is rare amongst European capitals in having ski facilities literally within its boundaries.

Looking further afield, Bulgaria offers some great scenic train rides, including the world-famous line to Bansko, which is also another popular skiing area.

Do you need a car in Sofia? No!

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