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Sheffield is perhaps more famous for the steel from which cars are built rather than being a particularly good or bad place to drive, but it also claims to be the only city in the UK which has a national park within its boundaries, and there is certainly plenty of great scenery nearby.

So if you are using Sheffield as a base from which to explore South Yorkshire and beyond, is it best to get a hire car, or can you get around using public transport and your own two feet?

Note that this Sheffield car hire guide considers locations which are immediately adjacent to Sheffield, and takes the assumption you either flying into Doncaster Sheffield Robin Hood airport (DSA), or arriving into Sheffield by train. Please also see our Manchester and Leeds car hire guides, or for destinations further south, please see our East Midlands airport car hire guide.

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  1. Peak District national park
  2. Yorkshire Dales national park
  3. Humberside
  4. Lincoln
  5. Meadowhall

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  1. Peak District cycling trails
  2. Supertram and Don Valley
  3. Meadowhall by public transport
  4. Rail connections – Derby, Nottingham, Leeds, Manchester
  5. Peak District by train
  6. Huddersfield
  7. Magna park

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The rail network around Sheffield might not be as comprehensive as Leeds, but trains and trams can still take you to most of the urban attractions which are nearby, and the train is also a great way to get into the Peak District without having to worry about being start in slow-moving traffic and trying to find somewhere to park.

Should you rent a car in Sheffield? No!

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