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We trust that you know the way to San Jose, which has become more and more accessible over the years as scheduled air service has expanded, now to include daily flights from London.

However, many visitors will still want to reach Silicon Valley by flying into San Francisco International airport, which has a much wider choice of flights, with Oakland airport also being another alternative.

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We are basing our San Jose car hire advice on visiting the area immediately around San Jose, rather than on visiting the greater San Francisco Bay Area, which we have covered in our San Francisco car hire advice page. Our advice is also based on tourists, rather than business visitors.

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The simple reality is that although San Jose does have a reasonable commuter rail service, courtesy of Caltrain, this is much more practical for travelling along one set corridor and into San Francisco than it is for venturing elsewhere.

This is why we think that rental car here is almost certainly going to be useful.

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Should you rent a car in San Jose? Yes! There’s no real reason to visit the Silicon valley area without a car – see San Francisco for more transit based advice.

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