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Salzburg is one of those really rich destinations that offers a huge range of cultural activities within the city itself, but that is also then a great gateway to so many scenic mountainous areas around it.

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Needless to say, a hire car would be utterly pointless within the city of Salzburg itself – the airport is very close to the city centre, there are plenty of buses operating between the airport and the city, and there are also various rail services operating nearby.

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  • Hire a car in Salzburg to drive any of the amazing high alpine roads.
  • The rail network decent aroundSalzburg, but lessgood further south.

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For visitors who are just here for the skiing, then there are also plenty of resort transfers provided from Salzburg airport, and even outside the ski season there are regular train services heading into the mountains and these are supplemented by a good network of local buses. Of course, as with anywhere else, getting a hire car in Salzburg is still going to be useful for accessing mountainous areas at your own pace, and the Grossglockner Road is widely rated as one of Europe’s great driving experiences.

See also our suggestions for driving or non-car trips around Innsbruck, ad there is a lot of overlap between the two cities. Neuschwanstein Castle is also an easy day trip from Salzburg

However, we think that the most visitors Salzburg car hire isn’t really that necessary, so our verdict is a no.

Should you rent a car in Salzburg? No

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