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Although Riyadh is currently developing an extensive rapid transit network, this is still a city that was developed around the car, with an extensive network of vast multilane highways. Local buses are available, but they are slow.

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Despite being such a closed shop, Riyadh is one of the fastest growing cities in the world, with a rapidly growing tourism sector, aimed mainly at nationals of other Gulf Cooperation Council member states, for whom access is a great deal easier. The city is also still popular for domestic tourism with people who are already based in the country.

Note that only male drivers can hire a car in Riyadh, and tourists can only usually visit Saudi Arabia via an invitation through an organised tour operator, or by visiting close relatives who are already working in the country.

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  • Sprawling Riyadh has been built around the car. This is a modern but heavily congested city with all the trappings of car culture!
  • Buses are of poor standard.
  • Visit Thumamah National Park – a desert recreational area on the northern edge of the ciy.

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  • Few reasons to visit Riyadh without a car.
  • You can manage using local buses and taxis, but options are limited for a city of this size.

Riyadh is currently embraking on one of thre largest metro building projects in history, with a total of 6 lines. The first route is scheduled to open in 2019.

Do you need a car in Riyadh? No!

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