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Most  major Canadian cities are easy enough to get around using local public transport services, and whereas Montréal and Toronto have subways, Vancouver has the Skyrail and Ottawa has an extensive bus system, Québec City just has the sort of bus network that is good enough to get around, but really very little more than that.

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But we don’t think there’s much point in coming to Québec City and just hanging around the urban area – when there is so much more to see outside it.

As with Montréal, public transport heading deep into the backcountry outside Québec City is relatively poor, with services thinning out even more the further away from the city you go.

There might only be a relatively small number of driving loops that you can do from Québec City in the first place, but it still is so much easier to do this in your own rental car.

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Do you need a car in Québec City? Yes!

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