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Any recommendation on getting a rental car here is very marginal. When compared with nearby Puerto Plata for example, the resorts are a little bit further apart, and there are a few more places to visit inland.

  • To really see the Domican Republic in detail, a hire car is useful.
  • There are few buses running into the interior of the island. Instead, buses tend to run to Puerto Plata or to the capital Santo Domingo.

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  • Main resort areas are easy enough to walk around.
  • Major resorts are also close to each other.
  • You can easily get around the area using local buses and taxis.
  • Road safety is a concern in the Dominican Republic. The roads are less safe than other Caribbean nations such as Barbados.
  • For the capital Santo Domingo, we would recommend going by bus, and then using local metro services.

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Should you rent a car in Punta Cana? On balance, a hire car in Punta Cana is worth considering.

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