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  • Generally, we would advise getting a hire car in Pula, largely because public transport in Croatia is generally of a poor standard and badly organised.

If you are just staying in and around the town itself, you’ll be fine, but making even short excursions to places like Rovinj is difficult to plan ahead without relying on printed timetables at bus stops. A car is extremely useful for heading along the Adriatic coast towards other great destinations such as Zadar and then Split, or even as far as Dubrovnik. Check locally for one way rental deals – generally this is possible within Croatia, but often at a price.

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  • Few reasons to visit Pula without a car!
  • You can explore Brijuni National Park by boat. No car needed, but you will need to rely on local bus transfers to get to the harbour.
  • Cycle¬†Brijuni National Park with a combined park entrance and cycle hire ticket!

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Do you need a car in Pula? Yes!

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