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The Czech capital is undoubtedly most famous for its historic cobbled streets, Prague Castle, Wenceslas Square and stone bridges crossing the x River. Prague also has a modern Metro and a comprehensive tram network. So it should be pretty obvious that there is no need to get a hire car in Prague for a quick city break, but what about for getting out of the city and staying around a bit longer?

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  • Historic city – Prague has more than enough cultural attractions to offer without needing to even think about getting a hire car.
  • Organised excursions
  • Historic towns and cities by rail
  • Rail/bus/excursions
  • Multicity trip – Prague is also somewhere you can visit on a multicity itinerary, and the emphasis here is almost certainly going to be on visiting historic city cores. In particular, Prague is well connected to the Eastern reaches of Germany and especially to Dresden and Berlin, but another great combination is to head south to Vienna in the same trip. Bear in mind that the Czech Republic and Slovakia used to make up Czechoslovakia, prior to the “velvet divorce”, and you can easily reach Bratislava either direct from Prague or via Vienna.

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Conclusion – Prague really isn’t somewhere that needs to be visited with a hire car, as there’s just no point in bringing one into the city centre. If you are staying longer and getting out and about, then you certainly can pick up a hire car at Prague airport, but many of the popular places to visit outside the Czech capital can also still be visited by bus or train.

Should you rent a car in Prague? Verdict – no

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