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Please note that is currently being revised and updated in preparation for the Summer 2021 (northern hemisphere) tourist season. It is expected that some social distancing rules will still apply. For additional Poznan car hire advice, please use the comments form below.

Quick Ratings

Price band

Poznan is in car rental price band: 5/10 (1 = cheapest car rental location)

General comment - based on price alone, is it worth renting a car in Poznan ? 

Sometimes. Economy rental prices are average by global standards.


Can you expect big swings in car rental prices in Poznan between the peak and the off peak season?

5/10 (0 = stable prices)

Driving score: 6/10

Non car score:4/10

Balance: 3

(0 = car hire not advised / 10 = rental car essential)

General comment -


I briefly visited Poznan when travelling by train and ferry between Berlin and Copenhagen in 2008. As with any other large European city that was previously situated behind the Iron Curtain, Poznan has a perfectly adequate tram and bus network.[jamesend]

Why? Visiting Poznan using a hire car

Why do you need a car in Poznan ?

Poznan also has a very traditional urban core and some fantastic historic buildings. Visitors will probably also want to get out a bit beyond the city and start exploring further afield. For this, we think that a hire car generally makes a lot of sense.

Why not? Visiting Poznan without a car

Why don't you need a car in Poznan ?

  • No need for a car within the city.
  • Poznan is a vibrant, historic city. There’s plenty to see and do here, so you may not want to travel much further, especially if you are here on a short city break.
  • Rail network is substantial, if a little old!
  • Buses provide links to most nearby towns and villages.

Ratings: How does Poznan compare?

Is it worth hiring a car in Poznan ? TBC

This is based on a rough consideration of the costs of renting a car in Poznan , and how this compares with the costs of using public transport. The answer to this varies hugely from one destination to the next, based on a wide range of factors. It's based on renting a car at the airport (TBC), and driving for an average of 2-3 hours on open roads on most days.

How does this compare if:

You are travelling:

Solo / As couple / small family / larger family / senior couple etc

Does car rental make sense on different budgets?



Do you need to hire a car in Poznan ? TBC

This is based strictly on whether or no we think it's possible to visit Poznan (and the surrounding area) without using a car. Of the three key questions, this one is the most likely to be a "no".

Should you rent a car in Poznan ? TBC

This is a balance of all factors. Remember this is an answer to the question for people who are already asking it. That's why the answer might still be a "yes", even when public transport is good. 

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Trains | Buses | Local travel


Car hire basics:


Public transportation basics:


Regular bus services: YES

Coach (inter-city): YES

Tram: NO

Metro: NO

Commuter Rail:

High Speed Rail:

Rail type (end stub / through / junction / hub):


As you start ....

Does Poznan airport have a direct rail link?

(Yes - within terminal / adjacent / short walk) (Yes - bus transfer / other) No






Has our advice for Poznan car rental changed over time, or has it been pretty constant?

2017 - 6

2019 - 6

2021 - 3

Average score - 5



Is it worth hiring a car in Poznan? A rental car here is far from essential, and there certainly no need for one within the city centre, but it will probably come in handy for travelling further beyond.


Do you or don't you need a car in [table “1” does not have that cell /]

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