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Perth on the other hand, is very much a city which has more to offer outside than within. This is a city that has grown rich on mineral resources, and there’s nothing particularly spectacular that’s worth visiting in the centre of Perth itself. Perth is still a nice enough place to stay. It has plenty of attractive waterfront locations, and it also has a modest urban rail network. But in all honesty, the real point of coming here is to head into the national parks and other scenic areas which lie inland to the east.

Perth’s urban rail network is based on five lines, all converging on Perth Station. Although the lines from Joondalup in the north and from Mandurah in the south meet in what is known as “Perth Underground” station, this is just a couple of underground platforms within the main station. There is no underground rail system per se. A light rail network is currently at the planning stage.

For any of these places, it’s very obvious to say that a hire car really is a must.

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  • To get around the city itself.
  • Hire a car to travel up Australia’s Western Coast.
  • To head inland or to any of the national and state level parks around Perth.

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  • We don’t advise visiting Perth without a car!
  • Limited local bus and light urban services are available within and immediately around Perth – but they are largely for commuters.
  • Take the train to the coastal town of Mandurah.
  • Perth has an excellent network of cycle paths,  or at least it does by Australian standards. These routes often parallel to major roads, but also sometimes run on separate green trails. Cycling rates are very high relative to other Australian cities, with a huge growth in recent years.

Should you rent a car in Perth? Yes!

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