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If you are flying into Pensacola, then you might well be looking to travel onwards to anywhere in the Florida Panhandle, or indeed into neighbouring Alabama or even into the eastern side of Louisiana, although generally a much wider range of flights is available into New Orleans if this is the case.

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We think that Florida in general is a destination where getting a rental car is extremely useful, although at least in larger Floridian cities such as Miami and Jacksonville, there are various rail-based transit options available.


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  • No reason to visit Pensacola without a car!

James says - a few trip notes:

Truman Show Town

Situated in the western reaches of the Florida panhandle is the “Truman show town” of Seaside, a beautiful example of so-called “New Urbanism”. Pedestrian friendly Seaside is truly worth spending a few hours strolling around, and it’s well worth catching a meal here, but ultimately, you’ll still need a car to get to Seaside in the first place.

Do you need a car in Pensacola? So there’s nothing really surprising here in giving a very simple recommendation that a hire car is all but essential.

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