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Should you rent a car in Paphos?

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This is only a very brief list of suggestions for car hire in Paphos, please also see our much longer car hire advice guide for Larnaca, which also covers exploring the whole of Cyprus, as Larnaca is closer to other major urban centres.

Do you need a car in Paphos? Introduction

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Generally, as we’ve also said for Larnaca, getting a hire car in Cyprus makes sense, because there is no fixed rail-based public transport, local buses aren’t that great, and a car is useful both for heading deep within the island and also just for getting about in between the different resorts.

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In the case of offering Paphos car hire advice as opposed to Larnaca, where we also recommend hiring a car, we would simply say that any advice that suggested a hire car is useful in Larnaca is simply reinforced in Paphos, which is much further away from the more built-up areas around the capital Nicosia, and which is also closer to the various different coastal and inland scenic areas which make up the northern side of (the Republic of) Cyprus.

Why not? Visiting Paphos without a car

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Paphos public transport quick facts

Train score



Water travel score


Overall public transport score


Walking and Cycling Overview

Active travel score

(walking + cycling)


As we also said with Larnaca, you can still get around using local buses, and if you’re really just planning on spending most of the time on and around the beach, then it’s easy enough to take an organised trip or two by bus.


Car rental in - Paphos Need v worth & should!

Do you need a car in Paphos?

Based on comparison with transit, walking and cycling.

Is it worth hiring a car in Paphos?

Based on value for money

Should you rent a car in Paphos?

Weighing up the above, if you are asking about hiring a car, is it a good idea?

Who is travelling?

Is it worth renting a car in Paphos if I am a solo / budget traveller?

What about for 2 people travelling together?

For families?


Where are you staying?

Do you need a car in Paphos if we are staying in a central area?

What if we are staying on the edge of the city/resort?

Or in a rural area?


What is your attitude towards driving?

Should I hire a car in Paphos if I prefer not to drive?

If I am easy either way?

If I prefer to drive?



Final score:


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However, generally speaking, car hire in Larnaca makes a lot of sense.

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