Firstly, one-way rental from Barcelona to any city in the remaining part of Spain could become extremely expensive, as you would already expect to be the case if you hired a car in Barcelona and tried to return it in Perpignan in neighbouring France or in Andorra. 3

Secondly, if you hire a car in Barcelona and you want to drive it into neighbouring Spain, you might well have to pay a cross-border administration fee, again, as you would normally expect to do for renting a car in Barcelona now and then driving it into France or Andorra. 3

Thirdly, it’s possible that there could be a small increase in the cost of car hire in Barcelona, because it would not be so easy for operators to move their fleets around to match supply and demand, since they would only really be able to do this within Catalonia, rather than across all of Spain. However, to put this in context,m it would be comparable to the small differences in price that can be found between the Balearic Islands and the costas on the mainland. As an independent state, Catalonia would still have a population that would be similar to that of Portugal, and Barcelona would have a tourist market that would be very comparable to that of the Algarve. 3

2.Who is travelling 5

3.When 9

4.Where 11

Again – need map 12

Look at packages eg Jet2 hols? 12


Is it worth renting a car in Barbados just for part of my stay?
Absolutely, it might make a lot of sense to hire a car for the day, but it makes little sense to have one for all the time you are here. Car-rental on on the island is expensive, and you really don’t need a car in Barbados just for getting around, since it’s much easier to go by taxi/minibus.

Even though you will have to pay (US) $5 for the local licence regardless, this is a small part of the total rental cost.
You’ll also find that it’s easy enough to find taxi drivers who are very willing to show you around the island and to offer you a 1/2 or full day tour, yet you also might prefer to have at least one day where you are exploring on your own terms.
We recommend doing this later on, and possibly after you’ve done other things on the island where you have been taken around by a local driver, and you have well and truly got your bearings sorted. You’ll also have a much better idea of what the local roads and driving conditions are like.

Is it worth renting a car in Barbados even for backpackers, students and other travellers who are on an extremely tight budget?
Almost certainly not – the Caribbean is largely off-limits to budget travellers, not just because there are very few backpacker type hostels, but also simply because it’s very difficult to travel around the region without paying a fortune in airfares.
Since we already think it’s not really worth hiring a car in Barbados anyway, there is little reason why it would make sense for a budget traveller, unless there really are one or two particular places you want to get to, and for some reason you either don’t want to go there by taxi, or you don’t want the hassle of having to arrange a driver to come back and pick you up later.
Just because there is no rail system of any kind on Barbados, there are plenty of options for getting around by bus and shared taxi, so there’s really little need for a car if you are on a budget.
You could also rent a bicycle for the day, and this is usually easy enough to do from within any resort.


s it worth renting a car in Athens just for part of my stay?

Yes, absolutely, in fact all our Athens car hire advice is based on the assumption that you want to spend a few days in the city before or after you rent a car. This really is very different to many other destinations where a suggestion to rent a car would be for the whole duration of your trip.

If you do still want to rent a car for all of your stay, then we would advise initially trying to find a hotel somewhere on the edge of Athens that includes free car parking as part of the deal, but realistically, only about 10% of hotels in the city will do this.

Your other option would simply be to cram everything you can into a day trip into the centre of Athens, and then to spend the rest of your holiday travelling around outside the city.


Is it worth renting a car in Aberdeen just for part of my stay?

Not really – Aberdeen makes a great base for exploring the Highlands, but there are only limited points of interest within the city itself. Unless your plan is to get around the Highlands entirely by bus and train (in which case, make your connection at Dyce and don’t go into the city centre), then you really should hire a car in Aberdeen for the whole duration of your stay.

Is it worth renting a car in Aberdeen even for backpackers, students and other travellers who are on an extremely tight budget?

Probably not – based on price alone, you will get better value travelling by train and coach, especially if you book well in advance. It’s also easy enough to arrange coach or minibus tours of the Highlands or of the Isle of Skye from Inverness, and even if none of these options will give you the same flexibility as renting a car, they will almost certainly still be better value.

Do I need a car in Aberdeen if I am planning on staying in the city / downtown?

Yes – even if you are staying right in the centre of Aberdeen, you will want to go out of the city, and in particular you want to go and visit the Cairngorms National Park. You really should hire a car for this.

Bear in mind that reaching places like, for example, Aviemore is usually going to mean going through Inverness and making a change, so it will be quicker to drive. Hotels right in the city centre are unlikely to provide free parking, but Aberdeen is sufficiently compact that you should be able to find a hotel with free parking around the edge of the city centre that is within easy walking distance, or short bus ride from the centre.

For example, the Village Hotel group are one chain who are known to provide free parking on all of their sites, and they have a location on the western side of the city. In total, about half of all hotels in Aberdeen will have free parking for guests. 156

I usually try to avoid driving if I can – so should I hire a car in Aberdeen?

No – we would rate Aberdeen is the most car focused major travel destination in the UK, but you will still find far more options for onward travel by bus and train then you will in many other places in Europe. If you are visiting Aberdeen from North America, then you will probably find that the choice of public transport (or transit) in Aberdeen is actually quite good, and you will also find a much wider range of onward connections via Inverness.

I am a train enthusiast – do I still need to hire a car in Aberdeen?

Absolutely not – you may well have already taken the train up to Aberdeen via Edinburgh, a route which takes you across the world famous Forth Bridge as well as the rebuilt Tay Bridge. Further to the west, you have a choice of three of the most spectacular train rides anywhere in the world; the most impressive one being the Kyle line from Inverness. Heading south from Inverness, you also have the Highland mainline which can take you back towards Perth, whereas the West Highland mainline can be joined at Fort William by taking a coach connection from Inverness. However, if you only plan to take one or two train trips, then you should still hire a car in Aberdeen, and then just use park-and-ride at local stations. Other than in the centres of Aberdeen or Inverness, you should be able to park for free at most stations in the Highlands and Aberdeenshire1.

1 Technically the City of Aberdeen is separate to Aberdeenshire.

Do you need a car in Santorini?

Details to follow.

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