Do you need a car in Bali? The natural starting point for a beautiful island like Bali is that this is the sort of place where you might well just want to kick off your shoes and relax in and around your resort for a week, indulging in as little movement as possible. There are… Read More »


Do I need a car in Baltimore? Note that this Baltimore car hire advice is aimed primarily at visitors arriving at Baltimore-Washington airport (BWI). It also may be useful for visitors arriving into downtown Baltimore by train. For visitors arriving into BWI, but planning primarily to visit Washington DC, please see our Washington DC car… Read More »

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Is it worth renting a car in Bangkok? Bangkok is the second most visited city in the world, in terms of international arrivals, sitting behind just Hong Kong. Even if it’s very easy to visit the Thai capital without a car, the sheer number of tourists who come here, combined with the natgural desire to… Read More »


Do I need to rent a car in Barbados?  Many people compare Barbados with Antigua, but whereas I would recommend getting a hire car in the latter, I don’t think it is such a good idea in Barbados. Why not? “Cheap” local driving licence  — unlike destinations such as Antigua, St Lucia or St Kitts,… Read More »


Do you a car in Barcelona, or do you even think of it as Car-celona? Even if many people will suggest that there is anything but a need to get a car here, there are a few situations in which a rental car in Barcelona could still prove useful: Green Catalonia — once you get beyond… Read More »


Do I need to hire a car in Basel? Basel is perhaps served by the most multinational airport in the world — not only can you arrive in either Switzerland or France (Mulhouse); the airport also markets itself as serving the city of Freiburg in Germany. This makes it tricky to offer advice about whether… Read More »


Should I rent a car in Corsica? (Bastia) Given that rail-based public transport on Corsica is slow, disjointed and dilapidated, a hire car is going to make a lot more sense. You will only really get around here without a car if you are the kind of traveller who loves using local trains and buses… Read More »


When it comes to making transport choices, whether it is roads that are as thick as treacle, crowded subways or streets that are impossible to cross, Beijing really looks as bad as it gets, however you prefer to get around. No reasons!!! – Beijing car rental is not advised / not usually possible without Chinese… Read More »


Do I need a car in Belfast? The Northern Ireland peace process has brought about a significant rise in the number of tourists visiting Belfast. As with most European cities, the main attractions in Belfast itself are easy to walk to, so what about places to visit beyond the city? Limited railway lines — look at… Read More »