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The Canadian capital is one of those cities that has the look and feel of being in the business of governing and also being well governed in terms of how the local environment is managed.

Ottawa might be some way down the tourism pecking order behind other major Canadian cities such as Toronto, Montréal the western city of Vancouver, but as with many capital cities, it still has its fair share of museums and other cultural attractions, and it can also be a useful base for exploring the area beyond.

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I have also included Ottawa in my list of 300 cities because it has an extensive network of completely segregated bus lanes (Transitways), or perhaps these could more accurately be described as “bus motorways”.

So if you build a city with a focus on the humble bus as the showpiece way of getting around, does that create an attractive system?

Why hire a car in Ottawa?

Why not? Ottawa without a car

  • Museums and cultural attractions
  • because this is the same as any other major city
  • cycle tours?
  • Excursions?
  • Multicity – Toronto and Montréal

Conclusion – Ottawa’s system of segregated bus routes hasn’t been a model that has been widely copied elsewhere, because essentially they require the same type of construction of concrete flyovers and expensive cuttings and tunnels that would be needed to build motorways, except that having a network of bus routes means that a bit less space is needed to move the same number of people.

Should you rent a car in Ottawa? Verdict – no

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