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Many British visitors to Cornwall will come here using their own cars, and Cornwall is also very easy to get to by train, courtesy of Brunel’s famous Great Western route, the main trunk spine of which runs fast from London Paddington to Exeter, from where it crawls around the coast and then deeper inland into Cornwall before finally making it to Penzance around 5 hours after departure.

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Connections from the rest of the UK are also available, with the cross-country route from Birmingham heading through Bristol before joining the main line at Taunton.

However, in terms of rail service, the town Newquay sits right at the end of a branch line from Plymouth, and direct trains from London tend to only operate a few times each day, and only during the summer season.

Why not bring your own car?

This means that if you are arriving in Newquay without your own car, you may be almost as likely to arrive into Newquay airport as you are to arrive by train.

This Newquay car hire advice is broadly based on that assumption, especially since UK domestic visitors who want to explore this area by car will usually come here in their own car in the first place.

Newquay’s airport is situated in the former RAF base at St Mawgans, which is around 8 miles away from the town centre of Newquay.

The Atlantic coaster bus service provides a direct hourly peak time link from Padstow to the town of Newquay via the airport.

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Why do you need to rent a car in Newquay?

  • Getting a hire car opens up the rest of Cornwall in a way that local public transport can’t.
  • Beyond Newquay, there are no end of great attractions to see, including the stunning coastline and gentle country lanes in the interior.
  • A car is also going really useful for visiting places like the lost Gardens of Helligan, and in all honesty, it’s still the most practical option for visiting the Eden Project, even if they will give you a discount if you can show your train or bus ticket! Again, as per above, these locations can be visited by a combination of bus and train (via St Austell), but this is so much easier to do from cities like Plymouth.
  • If you think this is an easy place to get around without a car, just try tapping in “Newquay to Land’s End” by public transport and then doing the same journey by car – we won’t give the answer here just so you can try doing it

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  • Public transport around Newquay is still “adequate”, even if it isn’t all that great! Regular buses run in most directions, complementing the rail services which terminate here.
  • If you are more interested in getting around Devon and Cornwall using public transport, then we would strongly recommend staying in a city that is on the Great Western trunk line – anywhere between Plymouth and Truro will give you the most flexibility.
  • Camel Trail – celebrated as one of the best cycling routes in the UK, the Camel Trail runs along a former railway path beside the estuary of the River Camel. Providing a link between Wadebridge and Padstow, you can reach either by bus from Newquay, and then hire bikes there.

Naturally, Newquay might be way out on a limb if your perspective is arriving here by train, but if you are flying in, then getting a hire car opens up the rest of Cornwall in a way that local public transport can’t. If you are more interested in getting around Devon and Cornwall using public transport, then we would strongly recommend staying in the city that is a key junction on the great Western main line, with both Exeter and Plymouth being the obvious places here, these two cities being locations where we don’t recommend getting a hire car.

Do you need to rent a car in Newquay for longer trips?

Generally, we wouldn’t advise renting a car in Newquay for a longer trip. Most people flying here are coming from elsewhere within the UK. If you want to stay for longer, then you will bring your own car. The only regular international flights, other than from the Republic of Ireland (aslo easy to reach via ferry), are from Germany. You would probably get a better value choice of flights and car hire deals if you started in Bristol instead.

If you are travelling out here from London by train, and you don’t have the option of bringing your own car, then a longer rental period might make sense.


Newquay car advice verdict – strong yes!

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