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The Bahamas are a collection of some 27,000 islands, but only a few of these have any form of access ability by road and ferry.

So is there any need to get a hire car to visit the Bahamas?

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  • Island hop by car – ferries are available from Nassau to nearly a dozen other locations around the Bahamas. Why stick to just one island?
  • Public what? Terrible bus service – no bus from the airport for a start.
  • Unpleasant walking environment – the streets have been built for motorised traffic, and however beautiful the island itself is, this is not a particularly pleasant place to actually get around on foot.
  • Private property – Nassau is a densely populated city, but there is little by way of designated walking trails or hiking paths. In many cases, private villas have been built to overlook the sea, but there’s little by way of connected paths between them.

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  • Limited distances – it might well just be much easier to use a taxi to get to and from your resort.
  • Local buses – apart from actually getting to and from the airport, there are plenty of local buses milling around the island.
  • Island hop as a foot passenger.

Conclusion – because public transport is so poor and the Bahamas are really not conducive to walking, a hire car is just about recommended.

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