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Nashville prides itself as being “Music City USA”, and with the focus being on Country and Western, there’s no shortage of live music available, and needless to say, if you are just sticking around the city centre, then local buses and taxis are fine.

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Nashville also has a commuter rail service under the banner of “STAR” (South Tennessee Area Railway), although at present there is just one line. Although this route also includes a stop at the world-famous Opryland live music resort, it’s probably easier to get there by bus or taxi.

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  • Yet Nashville is really about a lot more than just the music, and it’s an obvious place to start a road trip heading east into the Great Smoky Mountains National Park (see also Knoxville).
  • Nashville also sits at the north-eastern end of one of America’s great driving roads – the Natchez Trace Parkway, and although there are also cycling trails along some sections of the old route, this is still really driving country.
  • To visit the Jack Daniels Distillery and Tour, you will need to drive for around two hours south of Nashville.

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  • A car isn’t needed if you are just staying within the city of Nashville.

Do you need a car in Nashville? Nashville car hire verdict – yes, almost certainly useful.

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