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Munich is famous for the Oktoberfest drinking festival, but there’s a lot more to Bavaria than beer.

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However, even when you’ve ticked off your long list of all the interesting palaces and other historic places to visit within the city, and then headed out to some of the other palaces which are outside the centre of Munich, there is still no particular reason to rent a car.

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  • Since Munich is the home of BMW, there are a number of car related attractions, but they don’t always need a car to get to them.
  • A car can be useful for driving into the Alps – but it’s not strictly necessary.

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  • Whether you want to head deep into the Alps, travel elsewhere within Bavaria, or pop across the border into the wonderful city of Salzburg in neighbouring Austria, there are still trains are plenty to do this.
  • Munich also has an excellent network of cycling trails. You can head out of the city towards the south, and the city also has a good network of cycle paths along the major roads, making it reasonably bike friendly, in line with most other German cities.
  • The local suburban (S-Bahn) networks in Munich are supplemented by private railway lines which head into the Alps, and these are ideal for exploring lakeside cycling trails on a day excursion (best to hire bikes when you get there).

If you are here for the fairytale castle of Neuschwanstein, then a hire car starts to make sense, but it’s still just going to be parked up there, and in many senses it’s easier to take an organised bus tour, with regular departures being available right from the heart of Munich.

Even if you prefer to travel independently, you can easily take local train services to Fussen (allow around 90 minutes), from where you can reach the entrance to Neuschwanstein in around 30 minutes of brisk uphill walking. Local shuttle buses are available, but because of the restricted design of the site, it’s not easy to access by anyone with restricted mobility.

Naturally, if you are the sort of visitor who prefers to drive anyway, then a hire car in Munich still makes sense for everywhere beyond the centre of the city itself. It’s just that there’s no need for one here.

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