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Moscow is simply one of those cities where we think all of the main attractions are focused around the city centre, rather than outside it, although there are also plenty of parks around the edge of the city.

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  • Few reasons to get a hire car in Moscow.

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However, if there is one single reason that really stands out as to why no visitor to the central Moscow should even consider getting in a car of any kind, it is simply that the Moscow underground is such an amazing attraction in its own right. When the stations look like art galleries, who cares about how to actually visit the galleries and museums themselves, when you have to be on the underground system anyway to appreciate the stations?

There are many cities which have vast marble “Taj Mahal” airports, but no city has anything like as lavish an underground system as Moscow.

A classic introductory visit to Russia may also include St Petersburg on a two city tour. This can easily be done by high speed train, or using internal flights. Some visitors prefer to incorporate these cities with a Volga River cruise, but either way, you are unlikely to want to drive between the two.

Verdict – very strong no!

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