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If you’ve only come to Montréal to enjoy the nightlife and the city’s many and varying restaurants, then this is certainly the sort of place that you get around easy enough using local public transport, and anyone visiting Montréal from London might also notice a certain sense of familiarity with the city’s bicycle hire, and that’s because the London system is based on the model already established in Montréal. Yet there really would be no point in coming to Montréal, or anywhere else in Canada, if you only stuck to the cities, and this really is a part of the world where it essential to get out and enjoy the big outdoors.

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  • Although the underground system in Montréal looks comprehensive enough, it really is focused on 2 very closely linked corridors running diagonally across the city centre, and unless you want to head out to the city’s excellent biosphere Park, the Metro really is much more geared around commuters that is for tourists. There is also a commuter rail service running south of Montréal Trudeau International airport, but it’s much easier to take shuttle bus services running right into the city centre.
  • Whether you are trying to get to the ski slopes or to any of this scenic hiking areas around Montréal, you will soon realise that this can be a great deal of hassle to try and do without your own car. Buses to popular mountain resorts tend to only operate once or twice a day, and some services start and finish at the airport, rather than downtown. Having said this, driving opportunities into the mountains from Montréal are not quite as widely available as might be expected – there really are only 3 or 4 loops which are worth considering in terms of doing a day circuit from Montréal.

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  • There is no need for a car in Montréal if you are just staying within the city limits.
  • Even if the metro is only of limited use, local buses are more than adequate.


So Montréal is the sort of city where a hire car is going to be extremely useful, but you might prefer to enjoy what central Montréal has to offer first and then pick up a rental car later. You might want to consider a short-term rental, rather than getting a hire car for your whole holiday period.

Montréal car hire verdict – yes, but short-term rental suggested.

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