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  • We really don’t recommend getting a hire car in Menorca.
  • The only reasons to hire a car in Menorca are the same reasons as anyhwere else, ie a car will give you so much convenience that it’s worth going to all the hassle of driving and parking it on congested streets.

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  • Apart from this spine road, there really is only one other road heading briefly to the north.
  • With the island tending to become crowded with visitors in the summer, parking is always a problem, and even if the car gives a bit of flexibility, nothing tends to move very quickly.
  • If you don’t find the buses to be convenient, it generally much better to go around by taxi, as traffic really is that bad, at least you get out and walk.
  • Menorca is also a great place to go walking in the north-west of the island and there are also some excellent trails on the southern side.

Poor value for money

  • The Balearic island of Menorca really is too small to get much benefit from a hire car, and the island road between Mahon, where the airport is also situated and to the west has plenty of local bus services.
  • Another pitfall to watch out for with Menorca car hire is that you might well find a seemingly attractive rental car deal, only then to see that you have to pick up a car with a full tank of fuel and then return it empty. So if you are only going to drive a few miles each day, that means that you end up giving the rental company a free tank of fuel.

Island hopping

  • You are unlikely to do a road trip from Menorca, unless you want to island hop around the Balearics. If this is the case, then you will probably find a better range of flights and car hire options at Palma airport in Majorca.


Caronocar was initially set up because I’d heard various stories from places I’d been to about people hiring cars that they really didn’t need to get. In Spain in particular, people found that they picked up a rental car at the airport, drove it to their hotel, and then hardly used it at all. Even in city break destinations like Barcelona, where you might do a lot of walking, a hire car just isn’t that useful. Most of the personal notes I add to destinations are from my own experiences, rather than just from online research. I admit I haven’t yet been to Menorca, but I have been to a few islands which are just like it. From what I’ve researched, this would be one of the last places on earth I’d ever recommend getting a rental car.

I’d be more than happy to be proven wrong. Have you hired a car in Menorca? Have you found that it was worth the effort? Better still, have you been to Menorca at least twice, but tried renting and not renting? If you’ve done that, and you still think renting a car in Menorca is a good idea, I’d love to hear from you.


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Should you rent a car in Menorca? The only reason to get a car here is if you have a strong reason to want to do so. In other words, you are travelling as a group or a family, and you want to keep everyone together, and keep all your stuff in the car.

There will always be some reasons why people will want to have a car with them, but these reasons would apply anywhere – even in a city like Singapore! We’d never tell anyone “not” to hire a car – this site is just about ideas and advice, but Menorca is simply one destination where that advice spins as far as it can towards not hiring a car. If you do hire a car here, you’ll probably hire a car almost everywhere, so we have little advice to give. But if you have come here asking if it’s worth it to hire a car here, or if you have any real need to hire a car in Menorca, then our answer is a resounding no, and no!

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