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Our general advice for visiting Mauritius is that when compared with some other tropical destinations, this spectacular island is relatively small. If you do choose to hire a car, it’s unlikely to get a great deal of usage.

Many of the most impressive resorts in Mauritius are built on stilts out into the Indian Ocean, and parking in some places can be very limited, especially as there is little need for it.

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  • Can be useful for a single day excrusion around the island.

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It’s easy enough to get resort transfers by bus or taxi, and the capital Port Louis is also served by a reasonable range of bus services. However, no visit to Mauritius can be complete without some sort of venturing inland. Again, you will still find a hire car is of limited use, when local tour or taxi options are widely available. Now this interior can’t really be appreciated without at least doing some sort of hiking, so guided tours tend to make a lot more sense.

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If you do plan to hire a car in Mauritius, then it might be something to consider for a day or two, but it’s unlikely to be worth doing for the whole duration of your stay. Even short term rentals don’t tend to be particularly good value either.

Do you need a car in Mauritius? No!

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