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The Burmese city of Mandalay might be immortalising Roger yard Kipling’s poem, which mentions the “Road to Mandalay”. This is actually talking about a spiritual journey by river, not a literal road trip.

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  • Few reasons to hire a car here on a self drive basis.

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Situated deep inside the Burmese jungle, there are few roads leading in and out of Mandalay, so there isn’t really a great deal of point in getting a hire car here. All of the main temples and palaces in the city can be found within a very tightly defined square, and hotels and accommodation are a usually just a short walk from this. Although a larger and more distant replacement is planned, the current airport in Mandalay is situated within the city’s main urban area, and easy transfers are available by bus or taxi.

Although there are a number of excursions which can be undertaken from Mandalay, these are probably easier to do by taking an organised bus tour, especially as car hire options at Mandalay International airport are limited anyway.

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Do you need a car in Mandalay? No!

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