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Sitting right in the heart of the Amazonian jungle is the thoroughly unique city of Manaus, home to some two million people in and around it. Given its remote location, it’s unsurprising that there are still very few roads in and out of Manaus, although if you do fancy a short trip on any of them, there are also a few buses heading out into the rural areas.

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Yet trying to drive out of Manaus is really missing out on the whole point of being here, The real attraction is all about the river, and indeed it is on this river that you will find some of the most interesting resorts in Brazil, or anywhere else for that matter.

However, to really appreciate the sheer power of the mighty Amazon, an essential part of your visit to Manaus is still going to be to take a trip across the city’s stunning Ponte Rio Negro (Black River Bridge). It’s the easternmost crossing of any part of the Amazon, and it’s also near the famous “Meeting of the Waters” where the two distinct river channels meet.

There’s still really no need to get a rental car for this when you could just as easily do it by taxi or using local buses.

Therefore our Manaus car hire recommendation is a very strong no.

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