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Although Malmo has its own small International airport which is still served by a handful of budget airlines, you are far more likely to fly into the much larger Copenhagen International airport which sits just across the Oresund belt in neighbouring Denmark.

Therefore most of our Malmo car hire advice is going to replicate what we have already said the Copenhagen in a lot greater detail. Although Malmo airport does have onward bus connections, it’s actually much quicker to transfer from Copenhagen airport to downtown Malmo anyway, using the Oresund crossing. Once you are on the Swedish side you will be greeted by a vast IKEA, at which point the rail line branches off from the road and digs into a tunnel which runs into a newly redeveloped underground Malmo central station. From here, the compact city of Malmo is inherently walkable, and as with Copenhagen, it’s also a great place to get around by bike. It also makes a lot of sense to combine a visit to Malmo with wonderful Copenhagen on the other side, and all of this adds up to the sort of double city break where a hire car makes no sense at all.

Our Copenhagen car advice actually says that despite obvious preconceptions, getting a hire car in Copenhagen might actually make a lot of sense, especially as a starting point for a Scandinavian road trip. Of course, you can also fly into Malmo and pick up a hire car here, but now that low-cost airlines like Ryanair are also using Copenhagen airport, is unlikely to make much sense, especially as other budget airlines like easyJet and Norwegian have been well established at Copenhagen for a while.

Therefore if your focus is either solely on the city of Malmo itself or in a combined city break featuring Malmo in Copenhagen, getting a hire car here really doesn’t make much sense. If you are thinking about driving beyond these 2 cities, please see our Copenhagen page.

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Do you need a car in Malmo? Verdict – no.

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