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This one really is about a simple as it gets, you can’t hire a car here, because there would be nowhere to drive it.

The Maldives are a hugely spreadout chain of islands with very few roads, and even if you plan to do nothing other than fly into the country’s main airport just outside the capital Mahe, and then stay there for the duration of your holiday, you still can’t pick up a rental car at the airport, because it’s on a separate island.

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  • You can’t!

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  • Most travel in the Maldives is by boat.
  • On each island, local facilities will be within a short walking distance.
  • No roads to drive on!

The capital Malé itself is densely packed into a tiny island, where everything is sufficiently close together to make the city walkable, although a few local taxis are also available. Yet all of the major resorts in the Maldives are going to need some sort of onward transfer, and this will either be by boat or by air, so that just no point in even considering car hire.

Maldives car hire verdict – this is a very strict no, you just can’t, you wouldn’t, and there would be no point even if you could!

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