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The Spanish capital is quite unlike any other major city on the Iberian peninsular, sitting as it does in its own basin. If your usual idea of Spain is a Mediterranean coastal resort then dry Madrid is quite different, but what it lacks in water, it more than makes up for in cultural attractions and nightlife.

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  • A hire car might be useful for places which are areound the city, but not easy to reach by train.
  • Generally, there are very few reasons to hire a car in Madrid.

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  • No need – the simple reality is that there is just no need to get a hire car to visit Madrid or any of the surrounding suburbs.
  • Excursions – there are many great excursions which can be done from Madrid, as mentioned above. However, they are all just as easy to do by train, and services are plentiful and reasonable value.
  • Endless traffic jams – rapid expansion of the city, and in particular a huge amount of new development to the south, has meant that Madrid has become blighted by traffic in recent years. If you are staying in this part of town, you will probably find it much faster to use the new metro.

Conclusion – Do you need a car in Madrid? I have visited numerous different places in Spain, and hired a car in many of them, but I really struggle to think of a good reason why there is any need to get a hire car in Madrid. Do you need to hire a car in Madrid? Of course, you might well want to get out of the city, but unless you plan to explore a particular region away from Madrid, public transport is just a great deal more flexible.

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