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Our Macau car hire advice really is very simple – you can’t, so don’t even think about it!

Even if you could, renting a car in Macau would be even more pointless than renting one in nearby Hong Kong, which does at least have some amazing roads to drive on if you could find enough of a gap in the traffic to move! Yet Macau is even more densely packed in then Hong Kong.  In all honesty, the main attractions here are the casinos, where the only wheels which will be rotating are the ones on the roulette tables. Whether your visit to Macau is more focused on the more historic city centre or the vast casino complexes of the Cotai Strip, Macau is easy enough to get around using either taxis or the free resort shuttles which are readily available from the main Macau ferry terminal.

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  • You can’t!

For anyone arriving in Macau and then considering a road trip into mainland China beyond, then this is also very difficult for any international visitors who don’t already have a valid Chinese driving licence. For a few more suggestions on this, please see our car hire advice pages for neighbouring Zhuhai, or for travelling into Shenzen across the land border from Hong Kong.

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  • Buses, including resort minibuses and taxis are the only motorised ways to get around Macau.
  • The old town in Macau is easy to walk around, but be prepared for some steep climbs.
  • Regular ferry services (foot passengers only) to and from Hong Kong, including hydrofoils.

Therefore our Macau car hire advice verdict is about as strong no as it gets (and unsurprisingly, it’s exactly the same for neighbouring Hong Kong).

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