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In general, Cyprus is the sort of holiday destination where most visitors probably will hire a car, and this is hardly surprising given that there is an extensive road network on the island, including a modern motorway stretching westward along the southern coast from the capital Nicosia.

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  • A hire car is ideal for exploring the interior of the island of Cyprus.
  • Public transport is generally poor.
  • There is no form of rail service on Cyprus, and buses on the island are adequate but far from ideal.

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  • If you’re planning on mainly staying downtown in either Larnaca itself or in Nicosia, then you will probably get around without too much trouble using buses.
  • A regular express coach service is available to Paphos, and also into Nicosia.
  • You can tour the island on an organised coach tour.
  • Within the main resorts, most thigns are close to each other.
  • Some visitors might also want to venture into Turkish occupied Northern Cyprus. This is much better done on foot rather than in a hire car (check legal status before doing this).

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Compared to Paphos, which is much further west, other resort areas around Larnaca are generally close to each other, but it would be a shame to visit Cyprus and not venture inland. The interior of Cyprus has numerous different scenic areas, including the Troodos Mountains National Park, and even if this is the sort of excursion that can be done by tour bus, it’s much better to have the flexibility of a rental car.

Therefore our Larnaca car hire advice is that it’s generally very useful to get one, and although our verdict here is a “yes”, it is nothing like as strong as it in Paphos.

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