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We tried searching for La Paz car hire with the major UK registered car rental brokers, and no options came up for less than just under £300!

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  • We generally don’t think it’s worth trying to rent a car in La Paz.

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We do not think this is the sort of destination where the majority of visitors would consider getting a rental car, based largely on local traffic and driving conditions. Yet La Paz is also situated at such a high altitude that it might not be the sort of place you would want to do a long walk around the city on first arrival, but there are plenty of local buses available within the city.

  • With cable cars also offering stunning scenic views from above the city, and with a small selection of local rail lines also offering onward travel from La Paz, there are more than enough options for getting around without a hire car anyway.
  • For venturing further afield, for example to Lake Titicaca, road transport of some sort is going to be essential, but you might well prefer to do this by bus or organised tour.

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Should you rent a car in La Paz? No!

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