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  • The Ukraine has nearly 50 national or nature parks, including many in the west of the country around Lviv.
  • Many scenes in “House of the Flying Daggers” were actually filmed around Kossiv. This rural area is best reached by car.

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  • Kiev is generally the sort of city that is easy enough to get around using local public transport. Travel options in the Ukraine are restricted due to the conflict in the east, and the Russian annexation of the Crimea, however, at the time of writing, Kiev and the area around it are open for visitors.
  • Public transport in the Ukraine is generally excellent, with an extensive rail network, although most of it is in need of modernisation.
  • For an altogether different experience, some operators will give you a guided tour of Pripyat, the town abandoned after the Chernobyl disaster and now overgrown with plant life. For Pripyat tours, expect transport from Kiev to be provided.

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