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  • Beaches — Jersey has many absolutely superb beaches, with Plemont being a personal favourite.
  • Although buses are available and you would have no problem getting to the beach, do you really want to be hanging around waiting for a bus at the end of a long day?
  • Bus services are much more geared towards shuttling people in an out of the capital St Helier, and even though the island is small, they just aren’t that good getting around the beaches.

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  • There are many islands which look like mere specks on the map, but which can be deceptively large for the first-time visitor. Jersey is not one of them. You could walk across the island in an afternoon and local buses are also widely available.
  • Footpaths — Jersey has a great network of coastal and interior foot paths which can enable you to see parts of the island that a car cannot reach.
  • Fort Regent.
  • Neighbouring islands — instead of forking out for a hire car, why not take a trip to one of the other Channel Islands? Guernsey and Alderney can easily be reached by air or sea, whereas the much smaller island of Sark can only be reached by boat. You although most Channel Islands ferry services will take cars, they will charge you much more for the privilege. Why bother?
  • Boat trips from St Helier.

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Jersey is delightfully compact, but the a hire car is still useful to explore its beaches and landscapes at your own pace.

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