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Situated just off the southern tip of South Korea, the island of Jeju is perhaps most popular as a domestic tourism destination, yet it is also still one of the world’s top 100 destinations. So if you’re planning on visiting Jeju, is there any point in getting a rental car here?

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  • Unlike the heavily developed¬† South Korean mainland, there are no rail services on the island of Jeju.
  • You should hire a car in Jeju if you want to take advantage of he flexility of having one – but you may find that availability is difficult, regardless.

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  • Regular scheduled bus services are widely available, including to scenic hiking areas in the centre of the island.
  • The airport is very centrally located, and the main accommodation areas are densely developed and easy to walk around.
  • Given the small size of Jeju, it’s unsurprising that car rental facilities are not widely available here, as there is little point.

Jeju car hire advice summary

As a holiday island off the main Korean peninsula, the atmosphere of Jeju is in stark contrast to what you will find in Seoul or other large Korean cities. However, contrast in geography doesn’t mean that we would offer any contrasting advice when it comes to car hire options in Jeju.

Should you rent a car in Jeju? It’s just not really something to consider here.

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