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Sprawling Jakarta is one of Asia’s largest cities, with a population that is quoted as being at various levels above 10 million, depending on who is doing the counting, but the number moves upwards all the time.

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  • In terms of getting around Jakarta nothing is particularly easy – rail-based public transport is considerably less developed than it is in other Asian cities of a similar size elsewhere (it’s perhaps comparable with Manila), although buses are ubiquitous.
  • Jakarta is still the day facto gateway to Indonesia, as it has so many more international flight routes than any other city in the country, indeed because it is so much larger than any other Indonesian city

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However, the most scenic places to visit in Indonesia are generally well beyond Jakarta, and given that this is a country that is made up of so many different islands, it’s unsurprising that the best way to continue your travel beyond Jakarta will probably be by a short hop domestic flight.

  • Unless you are really thinking about Jakarta car hire options for a very long road trip getting  around the whole of Indonesia, it’s unlikely that there will be much point in just doing so for a few days.
  • If you can get yourself out of Jakarta, there are some amazing boat trips to be had off the coast of Java, including to the legendary volcanic island of Krakatoa.

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Turning back to the immediate area beyond the city of Jakarta, and looking at some of the beaches and other coastal areas which are within reach of a day trip or a slightly longer excursion, this is where a hire car might start to look useful. However, in many cases you can also still get out of the city by bus, and since some of the resorts are also situated on islands just off the coast, and served by passenger ferries rather than car carrying ones, a parked car might suddenly start to see much more like a liability.

Even for longer journeys outside Jakarta, you may well find it easier to arrange a driver locally to take you to your destination.

Therefore our Jakarta car hire advice is that generally it’s really not going to be worth getting one for driving within the city, but if you have a particular resort in mind to visit, and that resort has suitable direct access by road, then it might just be worth considering.

Should you rent a car in Jakarta? No! Absolutely not!

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