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Should I hire a car in Ibiza? With many visitors coming to Ibiza to party rather than to see sights, and with Ibiza being one of Europe’s smaller tourist islands, the natural question for anyone coming here and thinking about hiring a car is – why?

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Why rent a car in Ibiza?

  1. Well the initial answer to this one is very simple – Ibiza car hire rates are quite simply the cheapest we have found anywhere in the world, if you are coming during the off season and only looking to get hold of a cheap economy car.
  2. As with anywhere else, having a hire car will give you some flexibility when compared with waiting around for buses, especially if you are staying in a property where free parking is provided.

Why not? Visiting Ibiza without a car

  1. Yet even if you do manage to find, as we have, a one-week car hire offer for as little as £14 (about €17 or $20), hiring a car in Ibiza can still be a hassle, because the roads can often be congested at even the quieter times, and you still need to find somewhere to park.
  2. Yet there is often another catch which often explains why car rental companies are happy to give away their cars at such low prices, especially if your plan is only to hire the car for a day or two. This is because they will often apply the popular Spanish tactic of insisting you take out a full to empty fuel contract, so you can pick up your car with a full tank of fuel, which you have to pay for, and they then expect you to return it empty. If you don’t return your hire car empty, they will keep the fuel, and then sell it back to the next customer at another hefty mark up!
  3. On such a small island, there’s a good chance you will spend a lot of time stuck in traffic anyway, and with very few roads to really fully explore on, it’s going to be very difficult to get anywhere near using up all that fuel!
  4. This doesn’t mean that public transport or tour bus services on Ibiza are particularly attractive, because they just aren’t. Unlike neighbouring Majorca, which is also a lot larger, there is no rail or tram service on Ibiza, and the whole island is really just confined to three major roads. Buses can also get ridiculously crowded, and getting a taxi late at night can always be a challenge, especially when nothing is moving very fast – and it may be quicker just to walk.
  5. Just because Ibiza car hire rates are cheap really doesn’t mean you should take up anyone on the offer – you can find similar bargain priced hire car deals in other popular Mediterranean destinations like Malaga (Costa Del Sol) or Faro (Algarve), where there are plenty of great roads to drive on and actually use up a full tank of fuel.
  6. Yet whatever brings you to Ibiza in the first place, there is always one way to see the island that can avoid some of this traffic, and that is simply to get out and walk. Another way to enjoy the Balearics is to combine a visit to Ibiza with Majorca or Menorca, or possibly the much smaller island of Formentera, which is an easy day trip by ferry from Ibiza town. It’s easy enough these days to combine an outward flight to Ibiza with a return from elsewhere using one or more European low-cost airline.

Yet whichever way we look at it, our Ibiza car hire advice is very much not to even consider getting one, however cheap the prices might look.

Verdict – no

Would you hire a car in Ibiza ?

Have you driven in Ibiza ? Do you agree with our advice on whether or not it's worth hiring a car in Ibiza ? Do you think you need a car in Ibiza ? Tell us what you think using the comments section below:

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