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Local restrictions would naturally would make a recommendations for any Chinese city extremely straightforward – if you can’t hire a car, why would you even try? This is only compounded by the problem major Chinese cities have by being clogged with traffic and choking in air pollution.

However, Guilin is very different, as the focus here is very much on the landscape, and less on the city of Guilin itself. Yet it is still perfectly possible to travel around here either by taking an organised bus tour or by doing a river cruise, but you will still have more flexibility if you use a car for some of your trip.

Therefore, our advice here is that if you either have the appropriate licence, or you are travelling with someone who does, then Guilin is definitely the sort of destination where it’s well worth considering getting a hire car.

Even if you aren’t able to hire a car yourself, then it might still be worth looking at getting a car with driver, or taking a private tour.

Should you hire a car in Guilin? Yes – in certain circumstances.

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