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Local restrictions essentially all but exclude most tourists from hiring a car, although in Guangzhou we don’t really advise doing that anyway, even if you could. Whereas there are other scenic areas in China where it would be extremely useful to be able to drive in a hire car, or where it’s well worth arranging some sort of other private tour with a driver (e.g. Guilin), this simply isn’t the case in Guangzhou.

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  • Car hire not advised.

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  • Firstly, and most obviously, Guangzhou, formerly known as Canton, sits right at the top of the Pearl River Delta, and in the middle of a mega-city region which has more people than any other on earth. Needless to say, public transport here is very well developed, so much so, that the Guangzhou metro bleeds into the metro in neighbouring Fonghsan.
  • In turn, Fonghsan sprawls into Dongguan, which then sprawls into Shenzhen, and both of these cities, each with a population above 10 million people, also have their own metro and urban rail systems.

Should you rent a car in Guangzhou? This entire region is simply so built-up that there is very little green space between any of these cities, and the most interesting places to visit are undoubtedly within the centres themselves. This simply creates very little motivation to want to hire a car, even if the option was available.

Therefore our car hire advice per Guangzhou itself is an absolute no.

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