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The Andalusian city of Granada is undoubtedly most famous for its Alhambra fort. Yet here is plenty more to see in this part of southern Spain than just this single attraction.

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Is it worth hiring a car in Granada?

The range of flights to Granada from outside Spain is very limited. Other thank UK cities like Manchester or London, you are only likely to get a direct flight here from Paris. This means that you are much more likely to visit Granada having flown into a city such as Malaga or Seville.

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  • Terrible train service – Granada is not on the high-speed AVE network. Getting here by train is going to take some time, even from other cities in Andalusia. This means that the chances are that you will already be arriving in Granada in a hire car, and you will want to use it as much as possible.
  • One fort wonder – once you’ve got past the queues to get in, enjoyed the superb views of Alhambra from below, and even then come back for a night visit, chances are that you will be itching to carry on elsewhere, and a hire car is going to give you the most flexibility to do this.

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  • Amazing Alhambra – as I’ve hinted above, Granada’s main attraction really is spectacular, and it is arguably worth a trip to southern Spain just to see it.
  • Appreciating Albaicin – now this historic part of Granada is somewhere that you will either love or you will hate. I fall into the love camp – I must have walked around here for several hours without keeping any track of time.
  • The landscape, or cityscape if you prefer is splendid in its own right, but the real intrigue here was the amazing graffiti, which somehow seems perfectly natural and very photogenic. I’d rate this is one of my favourite walking experiences, and would certainly recommend adding in an extra day for walking around the rest of the city on top of allocating time to see Alhambra itself.
  • Jaen etc by train – although it is often still easier to drive.
  • Granada metro – finally opened in the autumn of 2017, the metro provides a rapid transit light rail service running right through the city.

Is it worth hiring a car in Granada?  Conclusion – on first glances, Granada does not look obviously accessible without a car. As with anywhere, four wheels will give you convenience, but is also a good chance that it means you miss out on some of the best details. If you can work out how to get here without a car, I would certainly advise staying here without one.

Verdict – no

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