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As might be expected in Sweden’s second city, Gothenburg has a¬†good range of public transport. This ncludes an extensive bus network supplemented by trams, as well as commuter rail extending around the region. This is also a great place to ride a bicycle, and a number of scenic trails are available right from the edge of the city.

Scenic train journeys can also be taken onwards from Gothenburg, either heading north and west along the coast towards the Norwegian capital Oslo, or hugging around the coast down towards Malmo and Copenhagen, with a separate mainline also heading inland towards the Swedish capital Stockholm.

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All of these features would suggest that the general car hire advice for Gothenburg would be that there was just no need. This could be further compounded by the fact that Gothenburg car rental prices, or Swedish car hire prices in general, tend to be amongst the highest in Europe.

Yet to simply say that you can visit Gothenburg and get around without a car would be to dismiss all of the lakes, the rolling hills, the pine forests, and all of the other scenery that awaits the intrepid visitor just beyond. Sure, bits of this can be seen from a bus or train window, but it’s just not the same.

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Just because a country has a reputation for having a high standard of urban public transport, that doesn’t mean that everywhere is universally accessible without a car. This is still sparsely populated Sweden, not Switzerland, and the best places to see are still the ones which need to be reached with your own set of wheels.

  • With a car, you simply have a great deal more flexibility, and this is extremely valuable outside the city.
  • You should hire a car in Gothenburg if you want to explore the Swedish lakes. Public transport options are limited and indirect. The train line heading towards Oslo only covers a very small stretch of lake.
  • A hire car is also useful for driving in either direction along the coast.

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  • Public transport in Gothenburg city is reaonsable – there’s a good range of buses and trams.
  • Gothenburg is cycle friendly – with many easy cycling trips outside the city.
  • It’s very easy to take a boat trip from Gothenburg – locally within the harbour, to outlying islands, or even across to Denmark!

Should you rent a car in Gothenburg? Verdict – yes (soft)

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