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Car rental options in Goa are relatively limited, and most visitors choose not to hire a car.  Goa Dabolim airport has a station nearby, although most visitors will use onward coach transfers.

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Above all else however, even if you spend most of your time in Goa in and around your resort, there is one trip inland which we highly recommend, and that is the Dudhsagar Falls. This can be done by bus, but the train will take you not just direct to the falls, but to the bridge which was built to take the railway right over them. Nothing gets more spectacular than this when it comes to taking scenic train rides.

The Dudhsagar Falls experience is rated by many as one of the world’s top railway experiences, and it’s easily accessible as a day excursion.

Most transport in and around the popular resort areas in Goa will still be by road, but this can just as easily be using scheduled or chartered bus services or local taxis, so there isn’t a great deal of point in hiring a car.

Should we rent a car in Goa? Verdict – no

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