Galapagos Islands

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The car hire advice for the Galapagos islands is astonishingly simple – you can’t hire a car here, so don’t even look into it!

For those who insist on a little bit more detail, we are happy to explain.

There are two airports serving the Galapagos Islands, both with flights from Quito and Guayaquil in mainland Ecuador, and both linked to each other by island hopping flights. The most populated island of San Cristobal has a very limited number of roads, but no car rental facilities.

The other airport is the newly updated facility on the island of Baltra. From here you will be taken by bus to a port, either to board local cruise services, or a short ferry shuttle across to the island of Santa Cruz. Once on Santa Cruz, you will very shortly enter the Galapagos Islands National Park, which only has one main access road, and this is not open to through traffic.

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  • Not possible.

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  • The most popular way to get round the islands is to take to the waters in some form, often by organised cruise.
  • Bike hire is possible on some of the islands – enquire locally for details.
  • Taxi drivers will offer longer tours or shuttle services – but no drive on any island is going to take more than around 90 minutes without stops.
  • Very limited number of roads on each island – most of the islands have no roads at all.

Do you need a car in the Galapagos islands? No!

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