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So Eindhoven is a major Dutch city where almost everyone cycles. Eindhoven has a vast network of cycle paths which includes the spectacular showpiece “Hovenring” floating bridge. Eindhoven is also important junction on the Dutch railway network. Plenty of trains are available throughout the Netherlands. Longer distance international connections available, generally via Utrecht or Maastricht.

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Arriving into Eindhoven by air

Visitors to Eindhoven might well fly into the city’s main international airport (EIN). Eindhoven has a good range of low-cost flights from throughout Europe, as well as a small number of full-service scheduled flights. However, Eindhoven airport still lags some way behind Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport in terms of flight choices. It’s hardly surprising that the airport has nothing like the same level of onward public transport connections. However, it still does have a very high quality rapid transit bus link to and from the centre of the city, as well as other regional bus links to nearby towns and cities.

  • If you are flying into Amsterdam Schiphol airport, allow around 90 minutes to reach Eindhoven by train. There are usually around 4 trains per hour, of which two will be direct, and two will involve a short change in Utrecht.

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So all this begs the question – why would anyone visiting Eindhoven want to pick up a hire car? As always, that’s a simple matter of choice. Yes, it’s extremely easy to get around Eindhoven or anywhere else in the in the Netherlands using public transport. It’s also very easy to hire bicycles at any major station, and easier still to cycle on the superbly high quality Dutch cycle paths.

Driving around Eindhoven

Yet some visitors will also prefer to drive, and why not? The Dutch roads are also of a very high standard. For touring around between different Dutch towns and villages, and also visiting some of the Dutch national parks and landscapes, a hire car is still going to be more flexible than using public transport.

In terms of costs, Dutch public transport is generally cheaper than, for example its British equivalent, especially on a walk up basis, but it’s not that cheap either. A group travelling together will almost certainly get better value in a hire car than they would on the trains, especially if they are also thinking about travelling elsewhere within the Benelux. For example, to pick up a hire car in Eindhoven and drive into Luxembourg is a great deal easier than trying to do that by train.

When it comes to touring around between a range of different Dutch towns and cities, driving in is never really a problem. However, most Dutch towns are simply not geared up for driving through the centres. So it’s best to plan trips by driving from one place to the next and then either using park-and-ride facilities or parking on the edge of town and then walking in.

Done this way, touring by car around the Netherlands is always exceptional value, and parking is either very cheap or completely free. However, driving into a city like Eindhoven itself or driving to other major cities like Utrecht and parking right in the city centre can be expensive. Once parked, for travelling around the city, it’s still perfectly easy to hire a bicycle and then return to your car later.

  • It’s eays to hire a car in Eindhoven airport. It’s a small facility with no need for buses to the rental lots.
  • Excellent quality of roads in the Netherlands. Dutch drivers are the happiest in Europe.
  • Very low levels of congestion throughout the Netherlands.
  • Very easy to park on the edge of towens and then walk around.
  • Parking is usually free in smaller towns, and usually reasonable value in larger cities (except Amsterdam).
  • No toll roads at all in the Netherlands.
  • Car hire works out as good value with 3 or more people.
  • Public transport is expensive when a group of people are travelling together.

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Excellent network of cycle paths in and around Eindhoven.

  • Rapid bus link to city centre direct from airport.
  • Easy onward rail links – especially heading north to cities like Amsterdam or Rotterdam.
  • Good bus network in Eindhoven, Plenty of bus priority lanes, reliable services.
  • Eindhoven is excellent for cycling – as is the case throughout the Netherlands.
  • Eindhoven is a compact and walkable city with many pedestrian areas.

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Therefore, our car hire advice for Eindhoven is absolutely that there is no need at all to even think about getting a hire car here if you aren’t planning on doing so. However, if you are already thinking about it, and especially if you are travelling as a group, then it might still be worth doing.

Should you hire a car in Eindhoven? Verdict – yes (very soft)

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