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Dunedin is a natural gateway to many of the scenic wonders that make up the South Island of New Zealand, although Queenstown might be a better bet for visiting the fjord lands.

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  • For all the reasons you’d rent a car anywhere else – freedom and flexibility, especially in a place where public transport is limited!
  • Despite the railway connections, Dunedin is still in a very remote part of New Zealand, and most journeys will be by road.

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  • Dunedin might also be the terminus of a long railway journey south from Christchurch or even from North Island if using the ferries, and this main line does continue right through to Invercargill. The station itself is a great example of neo-Renaissance railway architecture,
  • It will be impossible to mention Dunedin without also bringing up the fantastic Taeri Gorge railway, which is certainly a great day trip to do from Dunedin, and arguably the finest rail journey in New Zealand.

However the Carornocar.com pendulum still swings very heavily towards getting a car in Dunedin, simply because almost anywhere else worth visiting is going to be best done with a hire car. See also our Queenstown car hire guide for suggestions of South Island road trips, based around New Zealand’s premier outdoor pursuits hub.

Should you hire a car in Dunedin? Verdict – yes

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