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Dallas really is one of those cities where the natural assumption is that a car is necessary to get around, and over 90% of journeys within the city are made this way.

Although Dallas does have a small element of light rail, connecting through as far as the city of Fort Worth, the Dallas Metroplex really has come very late to this party, and unless your plan is largely just to stay downtown, then a rental car will almost certainly be a good idea.

Long haul visitors to Dallas are most likely to arrive into the vast sprawling Dallas Fort Worth International Airport (DFW), whereas visitors from within the United States, especially those flying with Southwest Airlines, might also fly into the smaller Love Field.

Our view is that the best of the Texas landscape is to be found in the north-west of the state, towards the border with New Mexico. It goes without saying that this is all natural driving country, although some visitors might also prefer to take a guided tour.

Other visitors might also want to venture towards the state capital San Antonio or the popular college town of Austin, although regular scheduled bus services are also available to both locations, as are direct short hop flights.

Overall, Dallas is a very strong and obvious “yes” to getting a rental car.

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  • Because it’s the only real option.

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There are very few reasons to visit Dallas without a car, if you have the option of renting, then I suggest you do so!

  • DART – the Dallas Area Rapid Transit system is actually the largest light rail operator in the USA!
  • You should be able to get around key places in the DFW-Metroplex without too much hassle, but public transport options outside this urban area are poor.

Do you need a car in Dallas? – Oh yes!

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