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Do you need a car in Seoul? In terms of both population and economic importance, high-tech Seoul is one of the largest cities in Asia, and it also has an incredibly well developed an extremely efficient underground system which stretches well out into all of the distant suburbs. In some popular tourist cities, underground systems… Read More »


Is it worth hiring a car in Singapore? This should be reasonably obvious, but there really is no point at all in thinking about getting a hire car in Singapore! As the most densely populated major city anywhere in the world, everything in Singapore is on the higher side of high rise, and the city… Read More »

St Petersburg

Do you need a car in St Petersburg? [coming] In a city that is so famous for its grandiose architecture and museums, in particular the Hermitage, it’s only natural to assume that there isn’t much point in getting a hire car, and that is exactly what we suggest. Car hire not advised. Do you need… Read More »


Do I need a car in Zante? Do I need a car in Zante? There are a few reasons why! The island could be larger than you think! Budget for an hour to reach the northern parts from the airport or Zente town. Zante is just big enough for a car to be useful for… Read More »